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Q. Is Pier 77 opened on the weekends?
A. Yes, but only by appointment or seasonal

Q. Can I have my boat hauled or delivered back to me on Saturdays?
A. Yes you can, but only by appointment or seasonal.

Q. Can I do my own repairs after the boat is hauled out?
A. Yes you can, but certain shipyard policies do apply.

Q. What is provided with do it yourself service?
A. Boat stands, a clean concrete work site, air, water, and electricity.
***Note ladders, air hoses, water hoses, and extension cords are the boat owner’s responsibility.

Q. Can I park my vehicle at my boat?
A. You may drive to your boat to load or unload supplies, and then ask that you park in the front parking lot Monday-Friday. Saturday you may park by your boat.

Q. Can I have my friends help with my boat repairs?
A. Because of insurance requirements, only boat owners or their captains are allowed to work in shipyard unless other insurance requirements are met.

Q. Can I hire my own contractors to do the repairs to my boat?
A. Yes outside contactors are permitted in the shipyard, but must meet Pier 77 insurance requirements and outside contractor fees will apply.

Q. Can I stay on my boat while it is at Pier 77?
A. Sorry, but Pier 77 shipyard policies prohibit anyone from living on board while boats are at Pier 77.

Q. Can Pier 77 Perform dockside repairs?
A. Yes we can, and are available for dockside repairs Monday-Friday.

Q. Does Pier 77 have dock space to perform in the water repairs?
A. Yes we do, and coming to us is a great way to save labor time and road charges.

Q. What type of bottom paint does Pier 77 use?
A. Our standard paint is a soft ablative, but we can substitute any paint for the difference of paint price only ***NOTE*** Preparation for some bottom paints requires sanding, which is not included.

Q. Can I bring my own bottom paint for Pier 77 to apply?
A. Of course, we will gladly apply your supplied paint.

Q. What if I have an emergency and need my boat hauled out after business hours?
A. Someone answers Pier 77 Phones 24HRS/DAY so emergency haul outs can be arranged.

Q. What if my boat requires towing to your shipyard?
A. Pier 77 uses SeaTow as our towing service ( 284-557-4117) or you can call us at 409-740-4000 and we will arrange the towing for you.

Q. How can I receive an estimate for repairs before I bring my boat to Pier 77?
A. We are just a phone call away and can usually provide a cost free estimate to you ***NOTE*** There are charges for technical diagnostics.

Q. How long does it take to get from Clear Lake to Pier 77?
A. By way of sailboat, usually 4.5 hours. Powerboats take significantly less time.

services equipment facility rates gallery home contact location clients faqs
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